Sometimes, you just need a few Bobs

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First and foremost, we're here to help our clients address business problems with technology. We've always viewed specific platforms, languages or frameworks as a secondary concern to actually shipping code. That said, over the years we've developed deep familiarity with a few technologies that we feel comfortable providing specific consulting around.

Because technology moves fast, the list below isn't exhaustive and its continually evolving - if you're wondering if we can help you out, just drop us an email.

PHP: Symfony

Shepherded by Sensio Labs, the Symfony framework is arguably the most popular enterprise ready PHP framework. Building something new or have existing code? We're here to help.


Used to power some of the world's largest websites, including, Drupal is the most extensible open source CMS on the market. Click through to learn about how we can help utilize this extensibility to tackle your problems.

Apache Hadoop

Inspired by Google's watershed BigTable paper, Hadoop has made "big data" accessible to companies of any size. Regardless of what data you're processing, the Hadoop ecosystem provides battle tested tools to help you gain business insights from your data.