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About Us

We could sit here and tell you that we're "rockstar developers" and the "best and the brightest" like everyone else but we're not going to. Not because we aren't, but "rockstars" play in bands and we'd rather just show you that we're smart. What we will say is that we hope you'd want to get a beer with everyone on the team, trust them to do the right thing, and maybe even introduce them to your mom.

Matt Daum | C.E.O

Hailing from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Matt graduated from Tufts University in 2009, with a BA in Computer Science and a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. After Tufts, Matt held a systems role at Boston Technologies before co-founding Setfive Consulting with a fellow Jumbo, @Ashish Datta, in 2011, where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. (He’s kind of a big deal.)

When not fearlessly leading his troops, Matt can usually be found smoking pork, grilling steaks, and drinking bourbon.

"They’ve done studies, you know. 60 percent of the time, it works every time."

Ashish Datta | Partner

North Jersey born and bred, Ashish attended Tufts University, and graduated in 2009, with a BS in Computer Science. Following Tufts, Ashish held engineering roles at ArmchairGM and Wikia before co-founding Setfive Consulting with his college classmate, @Matt Daum. Ashish is an "OG" team member and Partner at Setfive.

Ashish's idea of "being outdoorsy" is drinking on a patio. Outside of the office, you can find Ashish in the gym, poorly practicing yoga, or sipping cocktails with his pinky out.

"But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun, his shenanigans are cruel and tragic."

Jared Clapp | Engineer

Greater Boston born and raised, Jared graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2008 with a BS in Business. In addition to his undergraduate diploma, he has a certificate in Web Development from Boston University. Before joining Setfive, Jared worked for Touche and Deloitte. After leaving Deloitte, Jared moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where he worked as a business analyst and mobile app developer before accompanying the Setfive team in 2013.

When not with his two dogs, (which is never,) he can be found painting, rock climbing, and discovering new craft beer and sours.

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum."

Shane McNamara | Engineer

A local boy, Shane hails from North Weymouth, Massachusetts. Shane graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2018 with a BS in Computer Engineering Technology. While studying at Wentworth, he simultaneously worked on campus as Technology Sandbox Manager. Near by, at Harvard University, he was employed as an I.T. Refresh/Deployment Technician. Only one month after graduation, Shane found his way to Setfive.

When he's not busy building the future, Shane can be found playing hockey (either in the street or on a rink) enjoying a beer by the fire with friends, or going wild in the stands at a Bruins game.

"Beer and soup, that’s my thing."

Emily Ellison | Marketing Director

A true Bostonian, Emily was born 10 minutes away from Fenway Park, (which may explain why her dog is named "Sox," but not why she has an instagram, @princess_sox .) Emily graduated with a BA in Communication and Media studies from Stetson University in 2018. After leaving Florida, Emily could still be found by the pool, where she was the head coach of the Matignon High School swim team, before transforming Setfive into ~Setsix~ in March.

When not providing instruction to those in the water, she is taking it from a photographer as a social media swimwear influencer (@em_ellison) and fashion model for Model Club Inc.. Keeping up with the aquatic theme, Emily (an aqua~rius) prefers to drink water, (of course) but can occasionally be found drinking "the sweetest cocktail on the menu."

"I just really want to be Matt Daum"

Maggie | Toy Durability Analyst

Maggie, a southern Belle, was born in Louisiana. She joined Setfive after graduating from Rufts University, in 2017. At Rufts, Maggie majored in Dog-Toy Making and was the president of the People Petting Club. During her holiday vacations, Maggie interned at Santa’s Workshop as a Test Automation Engineer for Chew Toys. She says her experience was quite a fairy-tail. Maggie’s drink of choice is White Claws, specifically served in a dog bowl. When asked why she doesn’t like them in a can, she barked, "there are no laws when it comes to the claws."

"I ain't nothing but a hound dog"

Sox | Head of Growl-th

Sox, often referred to as “Princess Sox,” is a Setfive influencer. As our only employee with no diploma, she believes that "school is for followers" and that they belong on her Instagram account. Although Sox is not one to lift a paw often, as the Head of Growl-th, she plays in building pup-lic awareness and canine relations. When she is not getting pampered at the groomer, she can be found catching up on her beauty rest and drinking water from a martini glass. We asked if she ever makes martinis, but she yelped "only water, models don’t eat carbs."

"Hold the puparazzi"

Lucy | Assistant Branch Manager

Lucy is Setfive’s intern. We don’t see her much because she just started school. In her first dog-year at HowYard University, Lucy is majoring in yardscaping maintenance with a minor in Bark-eology. She certainly has her paws full. In her limited free time, Lucy can be found collar shopping at the local paw-n shop, baking treats, or curled up with her snout in the newest book on human training. Lucy is too young to drink but she yelped, "she can’t wait to turn 21 in human-years because she heard that Mudslides are paw-some!"

"Who wants a treat?!"

Want to join?

We're always on the hunt for talented engineers, so if you have a passion for building new technology, a love for delicious sandwiches, and a little swagger get in touch.